BIO.LEA.R (Biogas Leachate Recovery)

Project actions

The actions of the project are undertaken by both partners; they include project management activities, the equipment of technological and monitoring systems, regulation activities, acquisition and interpretation of monitoring data and publication of the results obtained.

7_lifeIMG_4564_webIMG_4631_webIMG_4690_web-Project management activities: the project management covers planning of actions and their realization, results check, administration of the personnel involved in the project, accounting of costs incurred, reporting activities.

-Setting up and maintenance of technological and monitoring systems are mostly carried out by GAIA’s personnel and specialized personnel when necessary. They are preliminary actions to the experimental phase; they are almost completed and will be ended with the completion of landfill capping, forecast for the end of May 2013.

-Regulation activities of technological systems and acquisition of monitoring data, will involve both partners for approximately three years. Monitoring activities allow to verify and modify protocols and the moisture regulation system.

-Dissemination activities: they cover the entire period of the project, and have the purpose of informing and involving stakeholders in the project. The plan foresees website updating, realization of information material (reports, videos, posters), organization of public events (workshops, exhibitions, guided visits) and publication of scientific articles on papers specialized.