BIO.LEA.R (Biogas Leachate Recovery)

Biogas extraction and treatment system

Biogas extraction system is made up of 26 wells placed into the cell named “A”, which is in the post-management period and 4 wells placed into the cell “B”, which is in the filling phase.

IMG_4518_webIMG_4610_webIMG_4615_webIn this cell, wells are gradually raised with HDPE pipes, surrounded with gravel, in order to help biogas crossing from the waste to the pipes.

As you can see in the landfill plan, 9 extraction wells named “V”, are the pre-existing ones, while the others are the new wells drilled in August 2012. Moreover, the biogas extraction system includes the perimetric extraction pipes placed along landfill sides and 8 extraction rings (10 meter diameter) around some wells on the top of the landfill.

Biogas, once captured is carried to three regulation groups named SRA (12 units) – SRB (12 units) – SRC (15 units). These ones, are connected to the energy recovery plant, in which biogas is burnt to produce electricity; if the inner combustion drive doesn’t work, biogas is burnt in a flare.